Wholesale Program

What are the Wholesale Programs?

Getting popular enough that you need larger print runs? Or, if you are needing a wholesale program right from the beginning, Tshirtnetworks has the solution for you.

Clients can take advantage of our decades of experience in screen printing to get amazing production quality at the lowest cost on the market. Wholesale only applies to screen print orders of 48 pieces or more. If you need less than that for your event, we suggest you to use the online Retail program and guide buyers to that site to buy their memento T-shirts.

What about non-profits, how does Tshirtnetworks work?

We provide a special wholesale for non-profits (or, for-profits groups that are having an event in which a majority of proceeds will be donated to a non-profit). As a member of Tshirtnetworks, you will receive your screen print order AT OUR COST plus 50 cents to cover our staff needed to complete the order.

Typically this offer will save you 30% on any quote out there! That adds up to a huge pile of extra funding to use for your cause. To qualify for this program, your group needs to be a member and have links and promotions to the retail pages we supply for you. We also need to verify your non-profit status with your 501C3 number.

Screen Print Services for Wholesale: 48 Pieces (pcs) and Up:

As you can imagine, the list of possibilities is enormous. When we are printing quantity for people, we can print anything: Zip sweats over zipper, etc. If they have seen it, we can do it. The absolute minimum quantity for screen printing is 48 pcs. Under that it will be done digitally and only simpler jobs will be done at 48 pcs.

For smaller runs we request no more than 3 ink colors. You can get anything but our favorites that are most popular include:

  • Basic Tee
  • Heavyweight Basic Tee
  • Budget Fashion Tee
  • High-end Fashion Tee
  • Ladies Tee
  • ECO Tee
  • Hoodies—Zipped and Pullover

All of these costs are for a white T-shirts with one-color front print only, up to size XL with a quantity 500 pcs or more. Upcharges may be incurred for: 2XL and bigger, color shirts, and more colors of inks used, and less quantity.

*Non-profits, please call us for special pricing!

Here are some examples:


  • Anvil 779as         low as                   3.49
  • Gildan 5000                                       3.49


  • Gildan 2000                                        3.79
  • Hanes Beefy tee                                4.49


  • Anvil 980                                             4.89
  • Tultex 0202                                         4.99


  • American APP 2001                          6.49
  • Men’s and Ladies V-neck                4.99


  • Tultex 0213                                        4.99
  • Amer. App                                           6.49


  • Anvil 450 PET MENS                        6.59
  • Anvil 458 PET ladies                        6.69
  • Anvil 420 organic                              5.69
  • American App 2001 org                   9.19